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  • Naomi Gleit

    Naomi Gleit

    Naomi is the Head of Product at Meta and is responsible for leading several teams that build social impact and safety products. instagram.com/naomigleit

  • Leihua Ye, PhD

    Leihua Ye, PhD

    Data Scientist @ Walmart; PhD @ University of California. Data Science | Experimentation & Causal Inference | Career Development www.linkedin.com/in/leihuaye

  • Luke Hoersten

    Luke Hoersten

    Founder, CEO of @Bitnomial. Previously Partner at @AllstonTrading. Member of @ChicagoHaskell.

  • Christoph Baumeister

    Christoph Baumeister

    CEO & Co-Founder of nello

  • Sequoia


    From idea to IPO and beyond, we help the daring build legendary companies. Follow our publication for more Sequoia perspectives: https://seq.vc/Sequoia-pub

  • Abdus Salam

    Abdus Salam

    Product Design @Facebook · www.abdussalam.pk

  • Aytekin Tank

    Aytekin Tank

    Founder at www.Jotform.com || (contact: AytekinTank@Jotform.com)

  • Carlos G de Villaumbrosia

    Carlos G de Villaumbrosia

    CEO at Product School — Global leader in product management training

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